American Society of Sugar Beet Technologists

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Mission Statement:

The objectives of the American Society of Sugar Beet Technologist (ASSBT) are to foster all phases of sugarbeet and beet sugar research, to promote the dissemination of resultant scientific knowledge, to strive to maintain high standards of ethics, and to cooperate with other organizations having objectives beneficial to the beet sugar industry.


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Officers and Executive Committee:

Robert Hatch

--   President

Paul Pfenninger

--   Executive Vice President


Tom Knudsen

--   Vice President


Michael S. Metzger

--   Secretary/Treasurer

Lee Panella

--   Immediate Past President

Greg Dean

--   Intermountain Region

Mitch McGrath

--   Great Lakes Region

Randall Jobsman

--   Eastern Rocky Mountain Region

Bryan Avison

--   Canada Region


Steve Kober

--   Pacific Coast Region


Todd Geselius  

--   North Central Region

Mark Bloomquist

--   Agriculture at Large

Vince Salzman

--   Processing at Large