Beet Sugar Development Foundation

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Officers and Executive Committee:
  T. D. Knudsen -    President
  J. Dean -    First Vice President
  J. L. Darnell -    Second Vice President
  T. K. Schwartz -    Executive Vice President/
  J. W. Schorr -    Immediate Past President
  M. Metzger -    Agriculture Representative
  D. Garland -   Operations Representative

Mission Statement:
The membership of the Beet Sugar Development Foundation (BSDF) consists of Beet Sugar Processing Companies and Sugarbeet Seed Related Companies. The BSDF is active in research and development, education and technical programs of common interest to its members. The BSDF has a close working relationship with the United States Department of Agriculture, Agriculture Research Service and with many of the Land Grant Universities in sugarbeet producing states. The BSDF is dedicated to the advancement of sugarbeet production and beet sugar processing through science based research and leading educational programs.

BSDF Harassment Policy
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