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McGinnis Institute of Beet Sugar Technology
Beet Sugar Process Schools




DoubleTree by Hilton – Stapleton North
Denver, CO 

Beet End – Forty-Fourth Year
Sugar End – Forty-Third Year 

    The Beet End               June 15 – June 26, 2015
  The Sugar End             July 13  –  July 24, 2015

The McGinnis Institute of Beet Sugar Technology is sponsored by the Beet Sugar Development Foundation and it is a self-sustaining school of beet sugar manufacturing technology. 



The purpose is to instruct beet sugar company employees and other technologists in the fundamentals and beyond on factory processes, their application to factory operations and the details of the practical operations of the unit processes.  Since details of equipment and process vary from factory to factory, major emphasis will be given to the most commonly used equipment and practices, but some coverage will be given to other systems still in operation.  The courses are designed to make the student more valuable to the employer and to provide a greater potential for advancement.



There are no higher educational requirements for students.  By necessity, instructors will enter into subject matter involving mathematical, engineering, physical and chemical subjects.  Students with little background in these subjects will find that the instructors will be fundamental where necessary and all will benefit. 

Students are enrolled on the proposal of regular or associate member companies of the Beet Sugar Development Foundation.  The BSDF Board of Directors approved attendance of non-member company students on the following basis:  Each student must be sponsored by a member company; in addition to the normal tuition, a surcharge of $750 per student per session will be assessed.  Space will be allocated to member company students first. 

Prospective students will complete enrollment forms supplied by the Foundation (see attached) and these must be submitted to the BSDF office prior to  April 24, 2015.  Late enrollment is unfair to the student, because without sufficient time for advance preparation, the student is at a disadvantage. 

General Information 

Unless other advance arrangements are made with the BSDF by the student or company, all students will be housed at The DoubleTree by Hilton Denver-Stapleton North Hotel.  It is imperative to let us know by May 15, 2015 if a student has decided to not stay at this hotel.  We must inform the Hotel of the rooming list at that time.  Thank you for understanding the importance of keeping us informed.  Hotel registration will be on the Sunday prior to the class starting on Monday and check out will be on the last Friday of class, unless other arrangement are made with the BDSF.  Classes will be held in Keystone III-IV at the hotel. 

Situations can arise just before classes begin wherein a student has an emergency at home or a physical problem which makes his or her attendance impossible.  The Institution would much appreciate if the sponsor has someone ‘in the wings’ that could quickly come to Denver to fill that valuable slot.   

Breakfast, at the hotel, is included in the school fee.  The only other meal included in the school fee is the graduation banquet.  Companies should provide students with an expense account for meals.  Reasonable meals are available at the hotel and in the nearby vicinity. 

Based on an estimated 25 students per session, the cost for room, instructors and miscellaneous items should not exceed $3,000.00.  Meals and transportation are not included in this figure. 

The instructors will be paid a stipend for each day they teach, plus transportation and other reasonable costs for food and lodging while they are required to be in residence. 

General Plan of Courses 

The instructors will assume that most of the students have no advanced academic background.  They will pass from elementary to more advanced material in such a manner to keep the class in stride.   

Following the lecture, written examinations will be given the following day for most courses.  These quizzes, generally, will be true/false or multiple choice.  Upon completion of the tests, the instructor will discuss the answers with the students.  Graded examinations will be returned to the students. 

The daily schedule is listed below: 

Morning           8:00    Examination
 8:55    Discussion
 9:15    Break
 9:30    Lecture
10:45   Break
11:00   Lecture
12:00   Lunch 

Afternoon       13:00   Lecture
14:15   Break
14:30   Lecture
15:30   End of day’s classes 

The long-used McGinnis text is out of print and has been replaced by the new Sugar Technology - Beet and Cane Sugar Manufacture.  This book will be provided at no extra cost to the student. Each student will be given a compendium of all instructors’ outlines and notes.  These have proven a valuable resource in forward years as a reference when encountering manufacturing situations and problems.   

When making air travel arrangements, remember to allow sufficient time for the student to finish class participation on Friday, just before noon, The hotel provides free shuttle service to and from Denver International Airport.  There are car rental facilities near the hotel if the students want to rent a car for just the middle weekend. 

We look forward to seeing you in Denver. 



Rick Mont
Director – MIBST


The Beet Sugar Agriculture School (BSAS) is an educational program conducted at various institutions around the US, under the auspices of the Beet Sugar Development Foundation.  The BSAS consists of one week of intense training in various important aspects of Sugar Beet Agriculture practices and technology.  The program is held the last week in July each year.


Click to see list of future dates > BSAS Dates and Schedule


  Schedule  Instructors  Materials



What is the principal objective of the BSAS?


The BSAS is intended to provide in-depth information on theory, practices, and techniques applicable to selected agriculture related subject matter to upgrade the profit contribution potential of participating students from the various member companies.


What subject matter is included?


Click to see list of courses and instructors

         > Agriculture School    > Enrollment Form  Word Doc.  > Enrollment Form PDF



Who are the instructors?


Qualified instructors from both the beet sugar industry and from the academic community are provided.  Each is selected for expertise and experience in the particular subject.



Who should attend the BSAS?


While primarily aimed at employees directly engaged in the agricultural aspects of beet sugar companies, a variety of personnel can benefit from this course.  Process related and administrative personnel can benefit by better understanding the agronomic aspects of raising a good quality sugar beet crop. 


The BSAS is currently restricted to employees of member and associate member companies of the BSDF.  In the near future, the BSAS will be available to companies outside the BSDF.  Exceptions to this rule can be requested through the BSDF office.



What to expect from participation:


Expect to experience an intense week of training.  Each of the courses are taught on a college level basis, and could easily be equivalent to a semester class.  You are certainly not there to memorize, but to absorb and learn.  You will be provided a notebook, with the instructor's notes.  It will be beneficial for you to take your own notes to supplement those provided.  This will serve as excellent reference material in the future.


Expect to meet counterparts from other companies.  They will exchange thoughts and ideas with and you with them, and everybody concerned will gain.


Expect to enjoy the challenge.  If you attend with the right attitude, the positive, expectant one, you will thoroughly enjoy your BSAS experience.